History is very interesting subject. It gives opportunity to understand present and to predict future. If you want to know more about cars and car brands you can study its history.

Do you know when the first American car appeared? Why Japanese car became so popular? Who created the first European lorry?

You can find answers to all these questions if you read this website.Here there are amazing articles about Ford Motor Co in America and Europe. There is description of Nissan Motor history and Japanese car industry as a whole. There is article about creation and development of Sweden lorries and Mercedes carrier for sport cars.

History of Pininfarina company is on this website too. You can find interesting facts about its creation and name, about people who created it. All these you can do on this website.

Or may be you want to know history of one concrete car. In this case you can read about Mitsubishi Pajero or Chevrolet Corvette, for example. You can find all about its creators, idea of their appearance and their development.

If you want to know how Popes chose cars and which ones they had you can find it in auto history section.  Do you want to know how much first Ford T cost or how road traffic was controlled in the beginning? This you can know from the auto history section too.

History of car industry can’t show you what will happen with this or that company but can help to understand how to achieve a success in car manufacturing. And may be great names of new car companies will be heard in the nearest future.
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